Automation And Modular Components, Inc.

Automation and Modular Components Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of industrial automation solutions, driven by a commitment to faith, integrity and customer focused value.

We manufacture a complete line of Modular Conveyor Systems, was founded in the mid 1980.s. AMC produces a wide variety of non-synchronous and synchronous conveyor systems produced from aluminum extrusions. We also have steel and stainless steel constructions available. We produce conveyor systems for numerous applications and industries. Some of these include Appliance, Automotive, Bearings, Consumer Products, Electronics, Food, Glass, Machining, Munitions, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Power Transmission, and Recreational.

Our product line consists of simple belt style conveyors, dual-belted open center systems, roller chain and friction roller drives, chain link drives and a large variety of accessories including lift and locate devices, pallets and pucks, stops and backup supports. We work concurrently with our customers to collaborate on designs with the latest CAD and modeling software.

Since inception, AMC has focused on quality in both standard and custom-built products. For the past 20 plus years, AMC has supplied the only 3-Year Warranty in the Industry. Also available is an experienced support staff of Engineers and Technicians to provide first hand knowledge of Conveyors and the AMC products. AMC provides application support and customer training seminars to ensure our customers receive the highest level of customer service.

Operations for AMC are located in Davisburg, Michigan (45 miles North of Detroit). We have 63,000 square feet available to produce the highest quality conveyor systems and products. AMC is proud that all our products are manufactured in the USA.

You can find several of AMC products throughout the United States, as well as in many other countries including Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East.