Imagine that a company founded originally in 1889 that is still leading the industry in its core competency! That is Mecco!

Before “traceability” was an industry catch phase….before it was even in every dictionary….Mecco was making marking products for identification and yes, traceability. From their early days of hand stamps and hammers, to impact presses and early dot peen markers, and now the most advanced laser marking equipment, Mecco has continuously defined the marketplace.

Our current flagship products include our Mecco Dot Peen programmable marking units (the worldwide standard method for the aerospace industry) and our current line up for CO2 and Fiber laser systems.

When you need durable, sometimes portable, programmable marking on plastic and metal parts, our dot peen equipment is unparalleled for reliability and flexibility. Offering the heaviest marking head in the industry, our dot peen units are used throughout the oil/gas, automotive, and aircraft industry, where traceability and readability under any condition – now or 20 years from now – is critical. We also offer the fastest unit on the market for automated production.

Our laser systems include CO2 and fiber unit up to 100 watts! Our controls are Ethernet/IP ready – a first in the industry. We offer several sizes of laser-safe enclosures, as well as automated systems.

We offer lifetime support with programming and application assistance. Our lab has a full stock of all of our products, so if you are having troubles with an existing product or have a new product that needs to be marked, we will assist you with adapting your current equipment or with the purchase of a new piece.

Our support also includes 24-hour replacement component turn around and loaners.