Production Components is proud to offer Markonics to our line of equipment and services.

Markonics provides laser marking and engraving services for product identification and traceability. Our Laser Marking Job Shop features both YAG and CO2 lasers for marking on virtually any material.

We specialize in:

  • Logos and Graphics
  • Human Readable Text
  • UID Marking, Verification and Validation
  • 1d and 2d Barcoding
  • Complete Custom Tags & Labels

Our superior customer service features:

  • Free Samples
  • Quick Turn-Around
  • Same Day Quotes
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Small Lot and Full Production Runs
  • Local Pick-Up and Drop Off
  • Blind and Drop Shipments

Laser Marking on Anodized Aluminum

Using a YAG or CO2 laser, we are able to ablate either anodized, coated or painted materials. The laser is tuned to only remove the coating and not to penetrate the base material.

Laser Marking on Tool Steel

On certain grades of tool steel, we can achieve an anneal mark which heat treats the surface to cause a permanent black discoloration.
Tool steel can be surfaced etched and deep engraved for all types of marking applications.

Laser Marking on Cast Aluminum

On cast aluminum, we are able to get a darker contrast than on uncoated stock aluminum. We employ an initial surface pass to clean the cast aluminum, and then use a second pass at a higher laser power in order to get the darker contrast.

Laser Marking on Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel can be either surface etched, deep engraved or surfaced annealed. The photo shows the laser annealing process. The laser heat treats the stainless steel in order to draw the carbon to the surface. The end result is a black discoloring of the surface without penetrating the stainless steel.

Industries such as medical, food/ beverage, aerospace commonly use this annealing in order to prevent corrosion on their stainless steel and titanium components.

Laser Marking on Chrome with Thermark

For laser marking on coatings, such as chrome, we utilize a ceramic based spray called Thermark. The Thermark material is laser bonded to the coating without out penetrating or removing the protective coating.

Thermark material comes in different colors and highly effective for contrast on previously unmarkable coatings.

Laser Marking on Plastics with YAG

For color contrast on plastics, we typically will use a YAG based laser. Due to the wavelength of the laser, the plastic absorbs the laser beam which causes a discoloring of the plastic. Different plastics will react differently due to the composition of the material. Black plastics will typically turn a white or khaki color. White plastics generally turn a black or brown color.

Laser additives can be used in order to enhance the discoloring.

Laser Marking on Plastics with CO2

Unlike YAG based lasers, CO2 lasers will only provide a non-contrast, melt mark on plastics. For certain plastics that are not reactive to YAG lasers, the CO2 is a nice alternative to marking critical information on your plastic components.

Laser Marking on Labels

For certain applications, direct part marking is not possible. For these applications, we provide stick-on laser marked labels that can be applied to your parts.

This material is specially designed for high thermal exposure and cannot be removed without damaging the label.

Laser Marking on Glass

For directly marking on glass, a CO2 laser is used. It is important to note that this process does cause micro-cracking to the glass. Markonics does use techniques to minimize this micro-cracking effect in order to achieve a high quality mark.

For applications where micro-cracking is not allowed, we utilize the Thermark process to laser bond the ceramic additive to the surface. This process does not penetrate the surface of the glass.

More About Markonics:

Markonics offers:

• Direct Part Marking on a variety of materials • Precision marking and repeatability • Custom Tags and Labels • UID Marking Verification and Validation per MIL-STD-130M • 1D and 2D Barcoding • Promotional Items

Our Customer Service includes:

• Free Sample Marking • Quick Turn-Around • Same Day Quoting • Competitive pricing • Local Pick-Up and Drop Off • Variety of Shipping Methods to include: Blind, Drop and Expedited Shipping

Our Expertise includes:

• 12+ years expertise in laser processing • Research and Development of laser techniques • Customized solutions for your traceability requirements • Partners with industry leaders to develop your optimum marking and traceability solution