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Tom Terrio joins the Production Components team

We are pleased to introduce our newest sales representative, Tom Terrio, who will be representing all of the assembly, production and automation products we carry in CT, Metro NY, NJ and PA.

Tom, with 20 years of sales experience in the manufacturing industry, specifically in systems integration/packaging automation & equipment, printing/industrial roller, blanket, and chemical manufacturingis excited to join Production Components and would be happy to discuss in person or over phone/e-mail, how he can help our customers with any application solutions they may be seeking.

Please join us in welcoming Tom and don’t hesitate to contact him at: 203 819 2396 or at [email protected].

The Team at Production Components.

Production Components has been in business in New England since 1977, and for the past 40 years we have represented some of the premier manufacturer’s in the field of assembly, automation and production – Schmidt, Graco and Dukane, to name just a few.  In addition to our standard products, we have partnered with other local vendors for specific projects which require unique solutions. We have representatives located in Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, so we are never more than a few hours away. Production Components works with our principals and partners to come up with solutions that are robust, reliable, and affordable – and we provide continual support of the equipment to make sure that it continues to serve you reliably.  We can be reached at our main office in Wallingford, CT at 203 881 3013 or at [email protected].


Roller Forming by Orbitform

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What is Roller Forming, you ask?

Roller Forming is a non-impact process using a spinning Roller-head with two or more rollers to apply a symmetrical force to the part. Roller forming is used for flaring, forming a lip, crimping, or forming a groove in cylindrical parts too large for other processes. Assembly applications include: water pumps, bearings, ball joints, air bag canisters, electrical sensors, fuses, solenoids, and parts where a groove or lip is needed, such as sealing the end of a tube.

As a general rule, 90% of Roller Forming applications are between 3/8″ and 6″ in diameter. Wall thickness can vary from 1/32″ to over 1/4″ depending on the type of material. The Roller-head RPM and advance rate are controlled by Orbitform’s standard Powerhead to precisely form the material. The Powerhead can also be configured with an integrated Load Cell and LVDT for process monitoring and control, along with a Thru-Spindle Pressure Pad for part clamping during the forming process. For static Roller-heads, typical cycle times range from 3-5 seconds depending on the application.

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Roller Forming can:

Replace crimping
Cold form with precise control
Satisfy cosmetic requirements on assembled parts
Form both inside and outside diameters simultaneously
Be used in work cells and automated assembly

If you’d like more information on roller forming or Orbitform, call us at 203 881 3013, or email us at [email protected] or go to

Orbitform manufactures standard and custom riveting and assembly systems
Production-Components represents the leading manufacturers for assembly, test and assembly equipment.