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Production Components adds two more manufacturers to our line-up.

We are proud to announce that we have added two more companies to the family of manufacturers we represent:
Fortville Feeders, Inc. from Fortville, Indiana and
R&I Manufacturing from Terryville, CT.

A little about both and what they do –

Fortville Feeders, Inc

Fortville Feeders, Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of automated parts feeder systems.  They have been on the cutting edge of solutions for the automation industry since 1979.

They are known in the industry as The Parts Handling Specialists.  With over 30 years of experience in the automation industry, they design systems and components for all industries, including Medical, Home Goods, Automotive and Consumer Products.

Fortville Feeder’s basic components:

  • Feeder Bowls
  • High Tolerance Tracks
  • Bulk Supply Hoppers
  • Gondolas / Dumpers
  • Mechanisms
  • Step Feeders
  • Flex Feeders

Apart for their primary components, they provide isolation ancillary components for nearly 80% of their systems.  These include, escapements, cross shuttles, star wheels, escape and blow, rotary actuators, etc.

Feeder systems are often over simplified in their function of material handling.  Many suppliers will leave customers with the complete responsibility of the part after it has completed its feeder journey.  Fortville strive to be sure that the transition from the feeder to you is a clean flawless transfer.

Whether you’re an end user looking to decrease your material handling or an OEM putting a feeder in a machine with your company’s name on it, Fortville Feeders, Inc. offers the quality, reliable product you are looking for.

R&I Manufacturing

In 1968, R & I Manufacturing Company started out with a single product called the DURA-SLIDE linear positioning device. It was a tough, economical unit designed for the small parts assembly operation. Since then, the product line has grown, along with the company’s reputation for high-quality, low-cost part placement devices. From automatic parts to intricate electronic components, R & I grippers, escapements, slides and pick-and-place units working hand-in-hand with the leading names in the automatic assembly business.

Today, R & I Manufacturing has a nationwide network of sales and application technicians ready to assist you with your automatic assembly needs. If they don’t have a unit that will do the job, they have the experience to customize one. That’s why it is said they are “America’s Partner in Assembly Automation”.

DURA-GRIP Part Placement Devices are designed to provide a low cost gripping unit for use on transfer mechanisms. These air operated units grip parts internally or externally offering the designer a wide latitude in finger tooling arrangements.

Available in two or three finger grip models, DURA-GRIP units are ruggedly constructed with a minimum of moving parts. Utility tapped holes permit mounting the unit from the top or the side with additional cap styles for dovetail mounting. These same holes can be used to mount “stripper” devices too. The body is anodized high strength aluminum, fingers are hardened tool steel. Maximum pressure, 100 psi. HD heads are available in all sizes of the GH series. These heads’ toggle linkages are arranged to have the inward motion of the finger occur on the full (bore) side of the piston. An optional finger positioning sensor is available on all heads. The built-in proximity switch can be set to indicate either fingers opened or fingers closed. All units are shipped completely assembled, ready for mounting and attaching tooling.


To learn more about Fortville Feeders, R&I Manufacturing, or any of the other manufacturing companies we represent, give us a call at 203 881 3013 or email us at [email protected]

AMC (conveyor systems) unveils their new website

AMC (Automation & Modular Components), our conveyor systems partner, has just unveiled their new website and it is fantastic looking as well as super easy to navigate!

To take a look at their new website and new Facebook page (clickable home pages both previewed below) and to see what they can offer in dependable conveyor systems that offer the industry’s only 3-year warranty, click on the links below:

AMC Website –
AMC Facebook –

AMC Website
AMC website

AMC Facebook Page







Mecco Demo-A-Thon running now (August 2015)

For a limited time this summer, we have a demonstration dot peen marking unit on hand.

We would be happy to bring it to your facility for a hands-on demonstration.

We expect to have a demo laser unit in the next several weeks as well. We will only have the demos for a limited time, so please let us know if you would like to schedule a visit.

If you’re interested in a demo – Contact us at:
the Production Components office at 203 881 3013
or email: [email protected]

Mecco is a leading U.S. based manufacturer of industrial part identification systems, offering a full line of laser marking and dot peen marking technologies. Today’s top manufacturers have partnered with Mecco to develop full marking and traceability solutions that enable their factories to achieve higher efficiencies, reduce manufacturing costs, and increase quality. Mecco provides solutions that, by connecting to the factory floor, create an automated marking process for full traceability implementation. Whether it’s a standard system or a custom integration designed to fit your unique needs, only Mecco can meet all of your integration, usability, and production goals.

For more on Mecco go to

Introducing the F4-5 and F4-55 Fluid Automation Silicone Meter-Mix from Graco

Ideal for manufacturing in the following industries:
Medical, Infant Care, Consumer Products, Automotive,
Industrial Parts, Wearables.

In the manufacturing of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) products, precision is paramount. Material waste is an expensive problem and substandard products are an intolerable failure. Minimize both with the Graco Fluid Automation F4-5 and F4-55.

  • Unmatched Precision for Material Savings – Individual pump drive cylinders and optional sensors allow for automatic ratio control, minimizing waste.
  • Consistent, Automatic Ratio Control – High resolution ratio control offers more assurance machine is on ratio.
  • Ease of Startup and Operation – Proprietary Graco Control Architecture (GCA) is user friendly, providing easier operation and trouble-shooting.
  • Better Color Control – Mix two additive streams at rations ranging from 0.5-6%
  • Maintains Material Integrity – Stainless steel components meet the standard for clean room applications; prevent contamination, cure inhibition and discoloration of material.
  • Easy Maintenance – Quick-disconnect pump removal mechanism simplifies the cleaning process.
  • Clean-room Convenience – A smaller footprint and casters (optional on the F4-55) allow for easy system movement and maintenance.

Precise ratio control, minimal material waste

The F4-5 and F4-55 systems take the ability to meter material flow to an almost microscopic level. Its helical gear uses multiple gear teeth to measure flow in very small increments. The increased number of measurements offers more assurance the machine remains on-ratio. Your Silicon Meter Mix has never been more exact.

The result: More precise silicon metering and mixing, a better end product and less wasted material.


Easier operation with Graco Control Architecture

The Graco Fluid Automation F4-5 and F4-55 systems feature intuitive user interfaces based on the Graco Control Architecture (GCA), a modular system of processing and control components. GCA makes maintenance and service easy, thanks to built-in troubleshooting tools.

<img class=" aligncenter" src=" app project management.img.png/1434397622371.jpg” alt=”Reactor2_Control_DrumLevel copy” />

To learn more, go to:
or call:
the Production Components office at 203 881 3013


First Annual BBQ for Production Components

We are pleased to announce that Production Components will be hosting their first ever Welcome to Summer BBQ and Open House on Thursday June 11, 2015.Watch The Channel (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

This is by invite only – including “Invite Yourself” … just email us at [email protected] and let us know that you would like to attend. Please let us know if you are bringing anyone. All are welcome, but we do need a head count prior to June 2nd.

We will be featuring a full Cookout Menu including burgers, hotdogs, chicken, etc., snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Our open house features the Schmidt Demo Bus – complete with several types of Schmidt presses in demo form; Dukane Ultrasonic Welders (make your own blow whistle); Mecco Laser Marking Unit (name engrave your own pen); and Graco Dispense Equipment – (giveaways include delivery schedule pinwheel, kid friendly spinning tops, name engraved writing pens, and sports whistles).

The cookout will be from 12-3pm at our office located at 196 N Plains Industrial Rd., Wallingford.

Again, please RSVP at [email protected]