Dukane Servo Ultrasonics in the Medical Industry

This video demonstrates single step process of cutting and sealing a thin membrane in a medical device component using Dukane’s iQ Servo Ultrasonic Welding system. The welding surface is 4.1 mm wide and 9.5 mm long. Constant or variable speed programming available in iQ Servo allows users to match the melt rate of the material as it becomes molted. This provides greater strength, significantly reduces variation and flash. Force is not only monitored it is controlled. As you watch the video, you will see other unique parameter settings only available with iQ Servo. With the most precise velocity and position control available in the industry, Dukane gives you the tools you need to improve your Ultrasonic Welding process. Whether you are looking to measurably improve the result of your process or virtually eliminate part-to-part variation iQ Servo is your answer.

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