Graco G-Flex – Flexible Automated Feeder


The G-Flex Flexible Feeder from Graco is a breakthrough in automatic parts feeding. Its universal flexibility allows for feeding of almost any small to medium sized part.

The system is designed to work in conjunction with a vision guided robot to automatically pick up parts and present them to tooling in any orientation that may be required. Unlike traditional feeders, we do not need expensive, complicated and fussy tooling to orient the parts. We use the vision and robot’s articulation axis’ to present the part any way you need. The system can feed a variety of parts with NO TOOLING ADJUSTMENTS OR CHANGEOVER! This is unheard of in the automated world.

The parts can be dirty, oily, and filled with debris, and the system will still perform.

We can offer the system as a stand-alone for integrators or automation savvy end users. Or, we can outfit the system with robots and visions systems and take care of programming as well.

Please see this video for a closer look at the G-Flex in action.

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