Introducing the F4-5 and F4-55 Fluid Automation Silicone Meter-Mix from Graco

Ideal for manufacturing in the following industries:
Medical, Infant Care, Consumer Products, Automotive,
Industrial Parts, Wearables.

In the manufacturing of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) products, precision is paramount. Material waste is an expensive problem and substandard products are an intolerable failure. Minimize both with the Graco Fluid Automation F4-5 and F4-55.

  • Unmatched Precision for Material Savings – Individual pump drive cylinders and optional sensors allow for automatic ratio control, minimizing waste.
  • Consistent, Automatic Ratio Control – High resolution ratio control offers more assurance machine is on ratio.
  • Ease of Startup and Operation – Proprietary Graco Control Architecture (GCA) is user friendly, providing easier operation and trouble-shooting.
  • Better Color Control – Mix two additive streams at rations ranging from 0.5-6%
  • Maintains Material Integrity – Stainless steel components meet the standard for clean room applications; prevent contamination, cure inhibition and discoloration of material.
  • Easy Maintenance – Quick-disconnect pump removal mechanism simplifies the cleaning process.
  • Clean-room Convenience – A smaller footprint and casters (optional on the F4-55) allow for easy system movement and maintenance.

Precise ratio control, minimal material waste

The F4-5 and F4-55 systems take the ability to meter material flow to an almost microscopic level. Its helical gear uses multiple gear teeth to measure flow in very small increments. The increased number of measurements offers more assurance the machine remains on-ratio. Your Silicon Meter Mix has never been more exact.

The result: More precise silicon metering and mixing, a better end product and less wasted material.


Easier operation with Graco Control Architecture

The Graco Fluid Automation F4-5 and F4-55 systems feature intuitive user interfaces based on the Graco Control Architecture (GCA), a modular system of processing and control components. GCA makes maintenance and service easy, thanks to built-in troubleshooting tools.

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