Flexible Feeder System


The Graco G-Flex feeder is a major step in the field of automated parts feeding. The system was developed internally by Graco as a way to automated some of their “pro and semi-pro” products, which needed to benefit from the cost savings of automation, but needed to be flexible enough to handle a variety of parts and component assembly.
The result has been the G-Flex. Accompanied by an articulating robot and vision system, The G-flex offers:
Works with almost any small to medium sized part
Change parts with little or no set up
Parts Feeder
Distributes parts from a bulk hopper to a vibratory table
Parts are separated and presented to the robot for pick up
Parts recirculate as needed
One size unit fits most application
Seamless part changeover without time consuming set up
Highly tolerant of part contamination (lubricants, debris, etc.)
Easily accommodates a wide range of part sizes and geometry
Integrated Solution
Purchase the feeder and add your own vision or robotics
Purchase a turn-key solution from us, with vision or robotic motion included and programmed