Nolatron Product Group

Whether you are an OEM looking to save money, improve scheduling, and make your controls easier, or an end user looking to upgrade outdated or non-existing safety controls, Nolatron has a solution for two hand, anti-tie down/anti-repeat safety circuits.

For the OEM we offer a complete line of 8 or 11 pin socket interfaces, or full featured modular and mountable units. You can make your controls OSHA compliant and safe with very little wiring and virtually no programming. Save i/o points, save programming time and complexity, and create a neat and tidy, compact package for your customer.

As an end user, you know that safety is just as important as quality, speed, or any other factor in your production machinery. In some cases, you may have older equipment that relies on relay technology and old spring loaded push buttons. Parts may be hard to come by, and operator comfort may lead you to modern non-contact finger sensors, but can you repair and implement new technology with old safety circuits? In some cases, you may have legacy equipment that is well below today’s OSHA safety standard for two hand operation.

Nolatron’s “Start Bars” are feature packed. They utilize “Banner Brand” optical actuator buttons, a modern circuit for safety, and enhanced features such as cycle counters, dwell timers, cycle permissive inputs, external cycle end inputs, and lockable parameters. These can be coupled with our updated pneumatic packages to give a new life to older equipment or make that “in-house” project significantly easier and less costly!