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Physicom is the North American leader in process monitoring, measurement, and instrumentation for in-process gauging and testing. Whether you are functionally testing product, bench testing processes, or trying to monitor the quality of existing assembly processes, Physicom can help with instrumentation.

Monitoring of load over displacement/distance, torque, angle, position, resistance, flow, can all be easily handled through our Burster line of monitoring boxes. We offer a full compliment of load cells for nearly any application and force range, linear displacement transducers and sensors, torque transducers, encoders, and more.

These systems can easily integrate with our Schmidt press systems or with any third party press or air cylinder.

Data analysis and data acquisition and traceability are standard features and can be accommodated via your PLC or our software. The monitoring boxes can be networked for multi-installation lines and off-site configuration and analysis.

Monitoring criteria include threshold values, windows, envelopes and bandwidth monitoring, and live targets that can activate any number of digital i/o’s. The Burster units have a high bit resolution and a fast scan time to work with even high speed automation.

Let Physicom and Production Components partner with you to solve your process monitoring challenges.