Schmidt Technology offers a complete line of precision presses for assembly. Whether you need a hand press for delicate, precision assembly, or an air or air-over-oil (hydropneumatic) press for high force insertion or staking, Schmidt has the solution.

Our hand presses have forces upwards of 550 lbs for press fit type applications or up to 4,900 lbs for riveting, staking or coining application. All of these presses feature extreme precision operation, quality control accessories, and ergonomic features. We even offer a force/distance monitoring hand press!

Schmidt’s line of pneumatic presses are available in a wide assortment of force ranges, stroke options and frame/column dimensions to fit almost any need. We offer a state-of-the-art two hand redundant control system, which complies with the highest global safety standards. It has CE / TUV type approval, and is suitable for operation anywhere in the world. There is not a safer control available in the US at any price! We also offer a low cost, two hand control, the TB2-SR, which meets OSHA standards for operator safety.

For high force applications, we offer our hydro-pneumatics presses, which feature air power and a hydraulic power pack, actuated via and air cylinder. This combination offers the best of both worlds, with fast air approach stroke, and high-power, smooth operation power stroke. The power stroke is variable and will change depending on your parts’ need. The rectangular rams are fully precision guided and coupled, thus protecting the cylinder seals and allowing for minimal external tool guidance. An external power stroke shift valve corrects the maintenance difficulties of our competitors.

Lastly, our flagship Servo Presses are the most advanced electric drive assembly presses on the market. With a legacy of over 15 years in this field, they are unmatched in technology and reliability. We offer several sizes, thereby focusing your solution to the proper peak and constant force range, while maintaining the ultimate in precision measurement. We offer low cost control/HMI interfaces to the most advanced, large, touch screen HMI in the business.

Schmidt can also offer custom tooling, special purpose machinery based around our press operations, full automation, custom programming, and support for all of our equipment.