Spectrum Automation



Spectrum Automation is not an ordinary parts handling company – we feed and provide material handling solutions for some of the most challenging parts and in the most difficult environments. Whether you are feeding a forging press, an assembly process, a grinding machine, a food packaging or beverage packaging filling/packing line, oil immersion tanks, induction heaters, inspection systems, or machine tools, we can develop a turn key, custom solutions. Some of our machines will fit on a typical work bench, while others can be 2 stories high! We approach each application as a truly unique challenge.

Many of the parts we handle are extremely heavy or abrasive, or have dimensional characteristics that make them less than ideal for typical vibratory bowl feeders. In additional the bulk handling of these parts make loading hoppers a challenge. We offer ergonomic solutions that are every bit safe as they are productive.

When you have a difficult part to feed or a rough environment to endure, give us a call and see how we can help.