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Telesis Technologies is the world leader in Direct Part Marking, Product Identification, and Traceability. All of our products are programmable and flexible! Whether our Pinstamp line of dot-peen markers or our deep variety of laser marking options, we have a solution for your unique marking requirement.

The name Telesis and our trademarks, including PINSTAMP, are synonymous with precision and quality; and are backed by a global network of knowledgeable sales and service professionals – including us here at Production Components. Our product specialist, Jack Breen, has over 30 years of marking experience and has supported the installation of hundreds of Pinstamp and laser systems.

Our unique features in the Pinstamp line include our patented “Floating Pin” design, multi-pin units for extreme cycle rates, the Telesis TeleScribe for continuous line scribing, Autosense automatic Z positioning for precision and consistent marking over a variety of changing surfaces, and of course our own Merlin II and III software for incredible depths of control and ease of use.

Our laser product line is as deep as it gets – Fiber, Vanadate, UV, Green, DPSS, and CO2 lasers – no matter what your product or material, we have a laser that can mark it. We offer integration ready units as well as Class 1 safety enclosures with or without fixturing and automation. Our sample department is available to test your unique part and offer support for new product designs and materials in the future.

Our systems are designed with only the best components and offer some industry firsts – including Vari-Z optical 3D-3-Axis marking, integrated inline vision for reading and grading of bar codes, and our patented Dual Head laser system, allowing for incredible cycle times and large marking envelopes.

We recently authored a blog post that details our laser marking technology as applied to medical devices, whether it be stainless steel annealing marks or difficult to mark materials such as silicone, polycarbonate, PVC and ABS. And of course, we discuss the UDI (Unique Device Identification) regulations in the US, which are directly related to direct product marking. We offer a fully integrated solutions for all of your medical or industrial marking applications.

Marking Medical Devices, UDI Compliance, and Dealing with Difficult to Mark Materials

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