Since 1954 Weber has been automating the tedious task of driving screws. From their early days of driving screws into ski bindings and eyeglasses, to todays most advanced automotive applied “Flow Drilling Technology”, Weber has led the industry in the advancement of automated threaded fastener installation.

Weber pioneered the “handheld” auto-feed screwdriver, and now offers that product in simple air drive technology or with complete DC, closed loop control.

Their groundbreaking nut-feeding and vacuum assist bit modules have been used reliably for nearly 30 years with minimal changes to their revolutionary concept.

Recent developments include

  • More precise, closed loop DC drive control packages, with enhanced data collection and communication protocols.
  • New “Step-Feeders” for feeding of complex screws, nuts and other difficult fastener geometries
  • A “micro” screw feeder, powered via piezo drive technology, used predominantly in the medical implant and instrument field – think of an eyeglass screw….but smaller!

Weber’s name is synonymous with reliability. We regularly see equipment in operation from as long ago as 1977! We know….because we sold it back then!

Weber is the preferred supplier for most of the custom automation houses across the US and Europe. They choose Weber because of our application engineering experience and breadth, our attention to detail, our reliability, and our local and national service and support.

From cabinets to automotive instrument clusters…..eyeglasses to flatbed truck flooring….automotive switches to butterfly valves…..two-stroke motor cylinders to speakers… sprinklers to electrical outlets – Weber Holds Your World Together!