Weiss – Indexing Drives and Devices

Weiss North America has steadily grown to become the market leader in rotary and linear indexing and motion drives. From traditional rotary index tables, to their original and innovative ring indexers to linear chassis, programmable tables, and part handling devices, Weiss has the heart of your automatic assembly or test machine ready to work for millions upon millions of cycles.

While other companies offer “me-too” solutions or rest on their laurels, Weiss has been busy innovating and building deep relationships with our customer base. Our product offering is wide and far reaching, and includes:

  • Barrel cam indexers, globoidal cam indexers, and indexing rings with large open centers.
  • Freely programmable devices including index tables, rings, and a variety of high torque and heavy duty devices, offering some with integrated motors and controllers.
  • Linear assembly chassis with a combination of rotary indexing and extremely smooth linear motion
  • Servo driven and mechanical drive part handling devices including pick and places, linear slides, and our Pick-o-Mat Modular Assembly System
  • Index dial plates and tool plates machines to your specification, machine bases, and more

We can start with some basic information to calculate loads and inertia and finish with an application specific solution for your motion and indexing requirement. We offer extremely competitive pricing and lead times, as well as unsurpassed knowledge and support.