Profit Key ERP – Your Key to Improved Profitability

Let’s get right down to the reasoning behind our statement that Profit Key is the “Key to Improved Profitability”

I pose the following questions:

Would shorter lead times for your product increase sales? And would increased sales allow you more economies of scale to increase profitability?

Would lower instances of LATE deliveries improve your customer relationships and avoid excess costs associated with trying to “catch up” behind the scenes? And would that save you money and therefore increase profitability?

Do you ever experience lost or damaged inventory? Or do you ever spend capital on inventory that is not used or immediately needed? Would avoiding those losses save you money and improve your bottom line?

Do you truly understand the cost of your product – from raw materials, to procurement costs, and valve added labor in terms of hours and asset resources? Are you losing money and don’t even know it?

Are you monitoring down time of equipment and costs associated with missing component parts? What does that cost you in terms of your overall profitability?

Are you able to provide your customers with easy returns via RMA tracking, and can you provide quality assurances through tracking of recurring defects, cause and corrective actions, and preventative action? Does the lack of this integration result in higher costs and even lost business?

Is your company integrated with a single process from order entry, outgoing vendor purchasing, progress invoicing, scheduling of incoming materials, labor and shop assets, inspection, shipping and invoicing? If the process was streamlined and integrated seamlessly, would that save you time and thus improve profitability?

If you have answered affirmatively to even one or two of these examples, then Profit Key ERP software is something you should be exploring.

Profit Key is designed for MANUFACTURING!!!! It doesn’t matter if you are making thousands of the same part, or hundreds of different parts and SKUs, or even completely custom, engineered to order components and machines, Profit Key can connect it all so you can really SEE what is going on in your business and more importantly CONTROL the processes within your business.

We take a modular approach recognizing that each business is different. From our core software for resource planning through to optional modules including CRM, Accounting and Quick Books integration, Attendance and Labor tracking, Kanban, and even Engineering Change Management, we offer a package that is expandable to grow with you – from small shops of less than 10 people to medium sized manufacturers with hundreds of employees.

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