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Dukane’s patented Melt-Detect™ technology demonstrated.

Check out this video to learn about Dukane’s patented Melt-Detect™ technology for Servo driven Ultrasonic Welding process. This technology ensures complete initiation of melt in the contact area of plastic assembly, before prompting the press to initiate downward movement. This improves weld strength and reduces stress in the welded assembly.

Ultrasonic Welding from Dukane in regards to the Medical Field

A quick update on advancements in the field of ultrasonic welding from Dukane, who we represent locally.

Ultrasonic plastic welding is the joining or reforming of thermoplastics through the use of heat generated from high-frequency mechanical motion. During the process, high-frequency electrical energy is converted into high-frequency mechanical motion, which in conjunction with applied force, creates frictional heat at the plastic components’ mating surfaces (joint area) and melts to create a molecular bond between the parts. To see an illustration of the basic principle of ultrasonic welding, click below.


What you may not know, is that Dukane is leading the industry with its patented Servo Actuated ultrasonic systems. This technology is exclusive to Dukane and has resulted in very significant improvements in joint strength, flash control, part to part repeatability and consistency. Oh, and the price? It is comparable to our competitor’s “high end” pneumatic solutions, which have not appreciably changed in 20 years!

The Dukane iQ Servo Welder has helped hundreds of our customers improve their production yields, quality, and their bottom line.

We are sure that you will benefit from this technology and look forward to discussing it with you – call us (203 881 3013) for either a phone or in-plant consultation, or visit our resident expert Mark Iannantuoni at our showroom in Wallingford CT for an in-person demo.

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Dukane – Creating Intelligent Assembly Solutions for Medical Devices

iQ Series Ultrasonic Press System

Medical devices are complex by nature and designed to assist in healing the human body. Therefore, these devices have the highest quality standards and are subject to stringent regulations.   In addition, staying cost effective and employing sustainable manufacturing practices are emerging needs for Medical Device Manufacturers (MDM).  Dukane, as a provider of assembly solutions to MDM industry recognizes these requirements and provides its customers with the most advanced assembly solutions and plastic welding technology.   Dukane’s equipment options are designed to provide the best quality welds for the most complex of medical devices and components. Dukane’s welding systems are FDA compliant and offer advance process controls, which increase repeatability, deliver consistent part geometry, and reduce scrap rates. In addition, Dukane collaborates with MDM clients to provide technical expertise in assembly method selection, assistance in joint design, feasibility studies, welding systems validation and calibration.

Dukane’s iQ Series Servo Driven Ultrasonic Welder, with patented Melt-Match® technology, has a proven track-record of delivering quality results in welding medical parts like valves, ports, filters, surgical instruments and implant devices.  iQ Servo’s patented process control features like Melt-Detect™confirms the presence of the molten material in the contact area before prompting the press to initiate downward movement. This is especially important in welding small parts and assemblies, which requires hermetic seal, as it eliminates the risk of deforming the energy director before melt is initiated, which could result in a leak path and “cold welds”.The Melt-Detect™ also enables a user to accurately establish the necessary amplitude required by specific material properties and part configuration by using welder’s graphical output. This authentic approach for amplitude setting allows the user to apply just the right amount of ultrasonic energy that is needed to initiate the melt, avoiding excessive heating and material degradation in the weld. This is especially important for building filter assemblies, where excessive amplitude is associated with tiny pin-holes occurring in the filter media.

Medical Devices and Components Assembled using Dukane’s Welding Technologies

Dukane’s Laser welding systems are capable to weld clear-to-clear and clear-to-colored parts, including typical tube-to-tube-and tube-to-port assemblies. In general, the laser welding technique is dependent on the upper component being transparent to the laser and having the presence of an absorbing agent in the lower component.  This configuration limits the process applicability for manufacturing medical devices when a “clear-to-clear” or a “clear-to-colored” assembly is required. Dukane engineers have successfully overcome this obstacle by integrating a recently developed 2-micron laser. This laser produces a beam which is greatly absorbed by clear polymers and enables a highly controlled melting through the thickness of optically clear parts. This has resulted in a greatly improved and simplified technique for laser welding of clear polymers for the medical device industry, which now can fully capitalize on benefits of this advanced Laser assembly process.In addition, iQ Servo technology eliminates the variability associated with pneumatic press components resulting in improved process repeatability and accuracy, which results in fewer rejects for manufacturers. The elimination of compressed air in Dukane’s ultrasonic welding systems significantly simplifies equipment installation and lowers manufacturing cost.

All this a is yet another example of Dukane’s continuing to be on the cutting edge of technology – Dukane’s Northeast Region’s Manager, Mark Iannantuoni, puts it this way,  “Dukane’s latest advances in ulrasonic and laser welding technology puts us in a unique position to help customers with difficult applications that otherwise would be impossible to weld”.

For more information on Dukane’s Welding technology and technical expertise call us at 203 881 3013. Or call us to schedule a demo in our office in Wallingford, CT., which we share with Mark and his staff, and includes a lab equipped with the latest in Dukane technology.

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