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Another Dukane IQ ServoPress Success Story

Since the introduction of the Dukane IQ ServoPress Ultrasonic Welding System in 2007, the benefit it has brought to their customer base cannot be overstated.

Just ask Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) –

SEL is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of protection, monitoring, control, communications and metering products for power grids and power systems around the globe.

A few years ago, SEL was facing a difficult challenge when welding a clear lens display screen to the polycarbonate body of one of their indicators, which is used on transformers, switchgear, sectionalizing cabinets, junction boxes and splices. Because the indicator is used in harsh, submersed and corrosive environments, the housing requires a hermetic seal that has to withstand a temperature from -40 to 150 °F. Unfortunately, the pneumatic welding process SEL was using was not giving them the seal they needed.

Eventually, according to Rick Lewis, manufacturing engineering supervisor at Schweitzer, SEL decided to redesign the plastic injection molds and to have ultrasonic welding supplier Dukane Corp. test the parts at the Dukane applications lab in St. Charles, IL.  There, using a 20-kilohertz-frequency iQ Series servo-controlled welder, the Dukane specialists discovered that the solution was to vary weld speeds.

“Although old pneumatic systems are capable of varying the force during the weld, the rate of change is restricted due to the time required to move air in or out of the air cylinder,” explains Ken Holt, senior application engineer at Dukane. “Whereas, the servo system is capable of accelerations of 50 inches per second, which is equivalent to changing speed by 1 inch per second in 0.02 second.”

After testing, Dukane determined the optimum varying weld velocity speed setting to be from 0.02 to 0.09 inch per second. Holt says that the unique technology called Melt-Match® in the iQ system also proved helpful for this project. Match Melt® precisely matches the downward motion of the horn to the melt flow characteristics of the plastic to optimize molecular intermingling and produce strong welds. Holt said that Dukane’s Melt-Detect™, which ensures complete initiation of plastic melting before prompting the horn to initiate downward movement, was also a factor in optimizing the process.

Impressed with the lab test results, SEL purchased an iQ welder and integrated it into the robotic assembly cell for the fault indicators. Lewis says the welder works flawlessly.  “It’s repeatability and graphing functions make it easier to set up new welding programs,” concludes Lewis. “The welder [also] reduces the engineering time and the number of scrap parts required to set up a new welding process.”

This is yet another example of Dukane’s applications lab expertise, proprietary technology like Melt-Match® and Melt-Detect™ and the second-to-none IQ ServoPress system finding solutions for customers to ensure the best results in their manufacturing and their company’s bottom line.

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Dukane’s patented Melt-Detect™ technology demonstrated.

Check out this video to learn about Dukane’s patented Melt-Detect™ technology for Servo driven Ultrasonic Welding process. This technology ensures complete initiation of melt in the contact area of plastic assembly, before prompting the press to initiate downward movement. This improves weld strength and reduces stress in the welded assembly.

Ultrasonic Welding from Dukane in regards to the Medical Field

A quick update on advancements in the field of ultrasonic welding from Dukane, who we represent locally.

Ultrasonic plastic welding is the joining or reforming of thermoplastics through the use of heat generated from high-frequency mechanical motion. During the process, high-frequency electrical energy is converted into high-frequency mechanical motion, which in conjunction with applied force, creates frictional heat at the plastic components’ mating surfaces (joint area) and melts to create a molecular bond between the parts. To see an illustration of the basic principle of ultrasonic welding, click below.


What you may not know, is that Dukane is leading the industry with its patented Servo Actuated ultrasonic systems. This technology is exclusive to Dukane and has resulted in very significant improvements in joint strength, flash control, part to part repeatability and consistency. Oh, and the price? It is comparable to our competitor’s “high end” pneumatic solutions, which have not appreciably changed in 20 years!

The Dukane iQ Servo Welder has helped hundreds of our customers improve their production yields, quality, and their bottom line.

We are sure that you will benefit from this technology and look forward to discussing it with you – call us (203 881 3013) for either a phone or in-plant consultation, or visit our resident expert Mark Iannantuoni at our showroom in Wallingford CT for an in-person demo.

Medical One Page

Dukane Servo Ultrasonics in the Medical Industry

This video demonstrates single step process of cutting and sealing a thin membrane in a medical device component using Dukane’s iQ Servo Ultrasonic Welding system. The welding surface is 4.1 mm wide and 9.5 mm long. Constant or variable speed programming available in iQ Servo allows users to match the melt rate of the material as it becomes molted. This provides greater strength, significantly reduces variation and flash. Force is not only monitored it is controlled. As you watch the video, you will see other unique parameter settings only available with iQ Servo. With the most precise velocity and position control available in the industry, Dukane gives you the tools you need to improve your Ultrasonic Welding process. Whether you are looking to measurably improve the result of your process or virtually eliminate part-to-part variation iQ Servo is your answer.

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