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Weber exhibiting at The Assembly Show Oct 22-24

WEBER Screwdriving Systems Inc.Next month at the #AssemblyShow in Rosemont, IL, Oct 22-24, we will have several of our partners exhibiting.  The first we are highlighting is Weber Screwdriving Systems. 

They will be exhibiting equipment in booth 805. Go see them, tell them we said hello!
Register for free bit.ly/2lKFRmx Enter Code: “WEBERvip”

See their new Collaborative Spindle (below) at the show and at hrc-screwdriver.com

Weber Screwdriving’s New Website

As this year marks WEBER’s 60th anniversary, they decided to celebrate by giving themselves a fresh web makeover – and we think it looks (and works) great and are thrilled to share it with you!

Click over to www.weberusa.com to check out their new features and improved navigation.  We bet you’ll learn something new about them while you’re there.  But, if you’re left with questions or want to know more, just click onto their page on the our webite at:

Or give us a call at 203 881 3013 for more information on Weber or any of the other products we represent.



Production Components – Local Support for all our products

When you choose to purchase equipment from Production Components or one of our principals, you are purchasing our local support as well.  Here’s an example…

In an effort to provide the best customer service possible, Scott White recently went to a customer’s site to pull a Weber Screwdriving spindle off of a production line. It seems that while the unit was functioning properly, the customer had an ergonomic concern which can be improved with a small factory modification. Rather than have the customer deal with disconnecting the unit and packaging it up for shipment, Scott took the time to visit the plant and with the help of the customer, removed the spindle and brought it back to the office for proper packaging and shipment off to Weber for the modification. When the spindle is ready, Weber will ship it back to the customer and Scott will again visit for re-installation to the line.

For questions on how we can help you with your concerns or applications, call us at 203 881 3013 or email [email protected].

Scott w tool
Scott with the Weber spindle in question
(standing in front of one of Dukane’s Servo Welders)